Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2021 | Status: Active

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What is Harmonee?

Harmonee is a simple app bringing communities together around a common purpose. Relationships between businesses and consumers are currently failing to fulfil either’s most important motivations. Harmonee realigns the relationship around shared values by matching both sides to nonprofits they have in common. In the app a business posts a question to a specific group of people and pledges a donation to a nonprofit that the group supports. People answer the question, giving the business insight and easily supporting the nonprofit they care about. Nonprofits collect donations and return meaningful value to the community. In this cyclical model businesses build strong relationships with their customers by listening well and sharing ownership. Nonprofits earn passive income and build deep support systems. People get to easily fund work they care about and help everyone come together to achieve their goals.

Donald M. Suggs Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award

Company Leadership

Tara Nesbitt

co-Founder & CEO

Tara is an experienced strategist and marketer. Passionate about data and people, she understands the relationship between each component of a community. With over a decade of experience, Tara has learned how to make data relational. She knows that numbers on a page represent real people with complicated dreams and companies with the ability to do much more than turn a profit.

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Justin Trusty

co-Founder & CTO

Justin is an experienced entrepreneur and solution architect. He has worked in the data & consulting space for over a decade and has broad expertise across multiple cloud providers as well as in a variety of industries. He is passionate about data platforms, product management, and solution architecture.

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David Rygiol

co-Founder & CCO

David is a designer who has spent the past decade working with small businesses and nonprofits to build brands that connect with their audience. He also co-founded his own nonprofit that organized large groups of designers to collaborate on projects for social good.

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