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Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2020 | Status: Active

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What is Hum Industrial Technology?

Hum was created to tackle chronic issues of inconsistent and unreliable service that have plagued the rail industry for decades. Inflexible existing data infrastructure frequently loses track of railcars and makes first and last mile delivery unpredictable. Mechanical defect detectors often provide more false alarms than actual alerts. Both systems have been unable to adapt to the needs of an increasingly dynamic supply chain, leaving railroads and rail shippers frustrated. Now, with advances in low power, wireless communication, geospatial tracking, and advanced analytics, Hum has developed a set of cost-effective wireless sensors for railcars that allows railroads the ability to not only deliver transparent, reliable service to rail shippers but also the insight to anticipate their ever-changing needs. Welcome to the modern supply chain that just … Hums.

Company Leadership

byron porter


Byron Porter is a multi-disciplined engineer, technologist, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in the farm country of Illinois, Byron spent the early part of his career as an Engineering Manager at a major Ag Processing company where he managed over $30 million in capital projects ranging from soybean receiving terminals to major plant expansions. It was during his time managing a shift of workers in a railyard that introduced Byron to some of the challenges surrounding freight rail today. After Byron left to pursue an MBA at Washington University in St. Louis, he decided to found Hum in 2019 and create the technology necessary to help the rail industry overcome its chronic issues. Byron has a BS, Chemical Engineer from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Byron and his wife Emma, a St. Louis native, live in St. Louis with their two boys.

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