Origin: GA | Grant Awarded: 2022 | Status: Active

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When the world commands you to shrink, we say do the opposite: Flaunt How You Feel.® As a clean fragrance label rooted in the scientific connection between scent, memory and emotion, MOODEAUX® turns accessorizing your mood into mindful self-care and “luxury” into a lifestyle —  all minus any harsh alcohol, weird chemicals or unnecessary dyes. It’s through this attitude, along with our unique blends of drool-worthy accords and skin-nourishing ingredients, we’re changing the game forever. Welcome to a new era in beauty.

Company Leadership

Brianna Arps

founder & cEO

Brianna Arps is a former editor-turned-marketing expert whose passion for people, storytelling and all things beauty finally led to the birth of her very own “brand-children” MOODEAUX® and Black In Fragrance.™ In the same way as her bold sense of style, Brianna wears her emotions like a badge of honor — navigating through life by the simple motto: Flaunt How You Feel.® A St. Louis native, she’s known as an outspoken, charismatic big thinker working to make the world around her better — starting with perfume. Brianna holds a bachelor’s degree from the world’s first School of Journalism seated at the University of Missouri.

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