Origin: NY | Grant Awarded: 2018 | Status: Active

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What is ThermoAI?

ThermoAI is using AI and IoT to optimize combustion, saving millions in fuel and reducing emissions. Our team includes a machine-learning Ph.D. from Oxford, a chemical engineer, and a published applied AI expert. We are currently seeing increasing of combustion efficiency of 3%-5% with our existing proof-of-concepts.

Company Leadership

Aiden Livingston

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Applied AI expert, contributor to VentureBeat’s AI section, and author of the upcoming book “The AI Entrepreneur – how to bring AI to legacy industries”. Marketing consultant from Manhattan having worked with Fortune 50 companies.

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Carolina Chaves

Co-Founder & COO

Chemical engineer from Nacional Universidad of Colombia. Member of TAYEA (Termodinámica aplicada y energías alternativas) or Applied Thermodynamics and Alternative Energies.

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David Watson

Co-Founder & CTO

Doctoral candidate at Oxford University. Expert on machine learning and causal modelling for complex, high-dimensional systems.

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