Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is VetVerifi?

VetVerifi is a data verifications company that enables secure, verified patient records sharing to better connect veterinarians with their pet care partners, from daycare and boarding to apartments to hotels to airports to pet insurers.

Company Leadership


Co-founder & partner

David Servodidio is a Co-Founder & Partner at VetVerifi. Both a marketer and entrepreneur, his experience blends go-to-market commercial strategy and product marketing in B2B technology. His expertise contributes to VetVerifi’s innovative solutions and strategic positioning within the pet care industry.

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Co-founder & PARTNER

Tim Ridgway is a Co-Founder & Partner of VetVerifi, leveraging his extensive expertise in designing go-to-market strategies, leading high-performing sales teams, and strategic partner leadership. With a proven track record in helping teams find product-market-fit and execute, he plays a crucial role in driving VetVerifi’s growth and success within pet care technology.

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Co-founder & partner

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