Well Principled

Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2020 | Status: Active

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What is Well Principled?

Well Principled’s S&OP software optimizes promo calendars, ad spend budgets and demand plans for consumer durables brands by merging academic business research into A.I. that truly understands consumer behavior. We have the world’s most sophisticated model for understanding “multi-generation consumer durables,” as in, if I run a promo on the mid-range toaster, what will happen to sales of the low and high-end…on Black Friday, if we move 20% of Facebook to Radio, and Wal-Mart is stocked out, all at the same time? Our software allows enterprise brands to know which promos and ad spends to plan and organizes those plans in collaborative S&OP forecasting software.

Company Leadership

Ryan Richt


Ryan has galvanized teams with bold vision and disruptive, patented innovations since 2003. Ryan transformed distributed analytics across an academic lab, his first bootstrap startup and computational biology and cloud teams at Monsanto. He grew VC-backed CiBO from 7 to 70 engineers and data scientists. Ryan holds an MBA and BA prob/stats from Olin and WashU.

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Joe Wingbermuehle

Co-Founder & Principal Platform engineer& prin

Joe has spent 15 years building foundational platforms, from middleware at AT&T, to startups across FPGA-accelerated high-frequency trading, accelerated ETL, machine learning based network security (acquired by Cisco) and hybrid AI/physical models of global-scale crop simulation. Joe holds a BS in Applied Math and a PhD in Computer Science from WashU.

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Chris Shafer

Co-Founder and Principal Engagement Engineer

Chronically the first customer-facing engineer, Chris has delighted customers with deep-data applications from corn germplasm catalogs to global satellite data and environment simulations. Marshalling his broad expertise from cloud architecture to data visualization, Chris delivers outcomes customers love and leads solutions teams to productize them.

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