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  • Grant awarded in: 2018

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What is Parlor?

Parlor is a Customer Collaboration Platform which transforms the way digital product teams proactively engage their customers in order to build better products. Parlor works by adding a 'relationship layer' to a company's live software product, letting them engage their most valuable users in highly specialized ways to refine their products, validate their efforts, and dramatically de-risk the cost of new feature development. In a nutshell, Parlor turns a company's users into collaborators & their product into a dynamic collaboration laboratory - all without impeding those customers or disrupting their in-app user experience.

Company Leadership

Keith Frankel

I'm a startup product exec, community builder, and award-winning speaker based in Boston. Formerly the Creative Director at HubSpot (IPO), Chief Digital Officer at Tablelist (VC backed), and Chief Product Officer at Firecracker (acquired), I'm now the co-founder of Parlay. In my spare time, I'm the host of CreativeMornings Boston, an advisory board member for the American Institute of Graphic Artists, a Techstars mentor, a co-creator of the Boston Tech Guide, and a voracious Netflix watcher.

Jason Zopf

Louise Au Yeung

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