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  • Origin: CA
  • Grant awarded in: 2019

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PLANETARIANS is a food tech company, developing sustainable ingredients. First PLANETARIANS' product - Sunflower protein - helps plant-based companies to offer allergen-free (unlike Soy) and affordable (unlike Pea) solutions to the market. How we do it?- Instead of protein extraction that leaves a lot of nutrients behind - we use all inherent ingredients. PLANETARIANS’ process was tested at the University of Minnesota, scalability tests resulted in investment from manufacturing partner Cereal Docks. PLANETARIANS ingredients won AgFunder Innovation Award 2019 and scored investments from Barilla’s venture arm Blue1877 and Amadori.

Company Leadership

Aleh Manchuliantsau

Inventor (7 patents granted) and Serial Entrepreneur, started 100%FOOD, Usarium, MOBYS. Being an expert in Lean Startup methodology, Aleh run open innovation projects for Aeroflot and Google.

Anastasia Tkacheva

Food and Culinary Scientist, with a natural born gift. Gave up her career in government agencies (MAI, NABA) for culinary passion. Previously formulated 100%FOOD with over 1M servings sold.

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